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Address: Room 601, No.32, 555 Wenxi Road, Shanghai 200435, China
Tel: +86-21-56837690
Fax: +86-21-56837692
Email: shzlchem@shzlchem.com
Special chemicals and reagent
Diphenylphosphino and derivatives
Ferrocene and derivatives
Triphenylphosphine derivatives
Fluoro organic chemicals
Amino Acids & Derivatives
CAS No.: [35212-22-7], 99%min..
Appearance: white solid or powder
2,5-Thiophenedicarboxylic acid
CAS No.: [4282-31-9], 99%min..
Appearance: off-white solid or powder
CAS No.: [294-90-6], 97.0%min..
CAS No.: [67579-81-1], 98.0%min..
2-Aminoacetamidine dihydrobromide
CAS No.: [69816-37-1] 90.0%min..
Dimethyl(2-oxopropyl) phosphonate
CAS No.: [4202-14-6] 95.0%min..
4-(2-phenylethynyl)benzoic acid
CAS No.: [63164-96-5] 97.0%min..
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